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Planet Bio

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  • IK1322
Developed for the use inside drum filters. Planet Bio is a floating medium. It consists of a...meer

Developed for the use inside drum filters.

Planet Bio is a floating medium. It consists of a permeable, round hollow body with large openings, in the center of which there is a movable inlay. Through the large openings, a perfect flow of the medium is guaranteed. The movable inlay permanently cleans itself and can therefore no longer clog. Planet Bio has a rough surface that makes it much easier for microorganisms to colonize.


  • Swimming bio-medium
  • Perfect for the use in combination with drum filters
  • Very good self-cleaning capability
  • Fast colonization by micro-organisms
  • Highly effective thanks to the structured surface
  • No clogging of the of the suction openings
  • Material: polypropylene (PP)
  • Surface: approx. 540 m2/1000 l
  • food-safe
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