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Inazuma Filter Control WebCSA

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  • IK5000
Novelty 2018! Microprocessor control with WLAN and app connection (available for Android and...meer

Novelty 2018!

Microprocessor control with WLAN and app connection (available for Android and iOS devices).
Easy control of your filter system by mobile phone or tablet from anywhere at any time (internet connection required).
Connection for motor, high pressure pump, 2 x UVC, incl. 1 x 230 V output with dry-run protection for pond a pond pumps.

Optionally upgradable:
  • on a total of 4 x 230 Volt outputs with individual switching times per channel (activation by code, no assembly required)
  • by a pond level regulation (consisting of solenoid valve and water level sensor with 10 meter cable) Ready for connection with mains plug for WebCSA
  • temperature sensor, digital with mains plug for WebCSA

Everything can be switched on, off and controlled by app.

Technical data:

230V / 50 Hz / 10 A
Wlan 2,4 GHz
max. 2000 W switching capacity

The control WebCSA also works without internet or app.

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