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HD-Pro 50.000 V2 UV-C incl. ballast unit

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  • IK4000
With the HD-Pro 50.000 V2 you get a advanced UV-C system, which is highly effective against...meer

With the HD-Pro 50.000 V2 you get a advanced UV-C system, which is highly effective against germs and floating algae. Our emitters provide clear water, healthy fish and satisfied pond owners!

As a UVC housing, we use a stainless steel socket, which is connected absolutely pressure tight with the cladding tube. Thus, our UVC lamps can withstand even the highest hygienic and qualitative requirements. The bulb has a lifespan of up to 16,000 hours. Then you can easily replace it yourself in a few steps.

The included ballast unit achieves an extremely gentle lamp start. This is ensured by the built-in preheat function. So even when you repeatedly switch the emitter on and off, the lifespan of the emitter is hardly affected. This range of functions ensures that the UVC system is ideally suited for programming via the timer of the WebCSA control unit.

Use only permitted with the Inazuma WebCSA control unit.

  • Lifespan up to 16,000 h
  • Housing made of acid-resistant stainless steel 
  • Up to 15% more power compared to amalgam lamps
  • Easy lamp replacement
  • Immersion UVC protection class IP68
  • The ballast is prepared for two HD PRO 50.000 V2 spotlights
  • gentle ignition process
  • Ideal for operation with timer function
  • Ballast protection class IP65
  • Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Max. Power: 130 W
  • Lamp power: 55 W
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